Motorcycle Action Group Annual Group Conference 2008 
Saturday 26th April 2008 
Spadebourne Suite – Bromsgrove 
Each April MAG holds an Annual Group Conference (AGC), at which any member is entitled to turn up, have their say 
on policy, and elect the relevant officers of the group, as well as helping decide on the actions of MAG in the coming 
The AGC moves from region to region each year, so as to allow as many members as possible to attend with a 
minimum of inconvenience. 
The AGC moves back Bromsgrove for 2008 and will be hosted by the West Midlands Region. 
Don't forget that all Full MAG members are entitled to attend. 
This is your chance to have a direct say in the way that MAG is run. 
The AGC venue is at the, The Spadesbourne Suite, Burcot Lane, Bromsgrove, B60 1AA, Worcestershire (same venue 
as 2006) on 26th April 2008. 
It is a no smoking venue, located 1 mile from Bromsgrove Train Station and 3 miles from the designated campsite. 
There are two car parks available (1 for bikes, 1 for cars) which will be marshalled. 
Timings are as follows: 
Sign in by 10.15 am 
AGC starts prompt at 10.30 am. 
Lunch Break 1-2pm. 
AGC ends prompt by 5pm. 
The Evening Venue - is the same as the Heart of England rally site. The Stoke Prior Social Club, Weston Road, 
Stoke Prior, Worcestershire. 
Bromsgrove is situated to the south-west of Birmingham, close to the M5 and M42. 
Travelling west on the M42 
Take the exit at junction 1 and then the A38 south towards Bromsgrove. Turn right at the traffic lights signposted 
"Bromsgrove North". Burcot Lane is then the second turning on the left by the Crabmill Pub and All Saints Garage. 
Travelling south on the M5 
Take the exit at junction 4 and then the A38 south towards Bromsgrove. After going over the M42 roundabout, turn 
right at the traffic lights signposted "Bromsgrove North". Burcot Lane is then the second turning on the left by the 
Crabmill Pub and All Saints Garage. 

Travelling north on the M5 
Take the exit at junction 5 and then the A38 
north towards Bromsgrove. After going over the 
A448 roundabout and the new roundabout by 
N.E.W. College, turn left at the traffic lights 
signposted "Bromsgrove North". Burcot Lane is 
then the second turning on the left by the 
Crabmill Pub and All Saints Garage. 
If you use the M5, please note that there is no 
exit from the M42 at junction 1 travelling east.
Parking is free and is in the car park to the left 
of the Council Offices. The entrance to 
Spadesbourne Hall is in the drive to the right of 
the Council Offices - 
follow signs to the 
Spadesbourne Suite. 
Access for Disabled People 
There is space and access for wheelchairs at 
Spadesbourne Hall. Please telephone Gill 
Fredrick on 01527 874163 if you need to bring a 
car close to the entrance. 
Non Vehicle Users 
Spadesbourne Hall is 2 minutes walk from the 
First (formerly Midland Red) no. 144 
Birmingham-Worcester bus route (All Saints 
Church bus stop). 
Further details on venue from:  
Bromsgrove District Council 
The Council House 
Burcot Lane 
B60 1AA 
Telephone: 01527 873232 
Fax: 01527 881414 
Textphone 01527 881291  
The Evening Venue is the same as the Heart of England rally site.  
The Stoke Prior Social Club, Weston Road, Stoke Prior, Worcestershire. 
Camping is free but if you have booked a hotel there will be a taxi to take you to the venue between 7.30 and 8.30pm 
and then back to your hotel at the end of the evening. 
Produce your voting slip from the AGC at the door of the club and entry is free, otherwise you will have to pay the £3 
admission fee.  

Worcester Road, Wychbold, Droitwich, Worcestershire, WR9 7PA. 
Double room 1 night £70 (£35 per person) 
Telephone - 0870 400 9670 
This hotel is the closest to M5 Junction 5, is situated next to a McDonalds and is not far from the Stoke Prior Club. 
Finstall Road, Aston Fields, Bromsgrove. 
Email – 
Telephone – 01527 889900 
Double Room 1 night with Full English breakfast £60. 
Single Room (as above) £46. 
Please check these prices as the receptionist did say they may go up after Christmas. 
This hotel is right next to the Bromsgrove Railway Station and has a top restaurant. 
Midway between the Conference venue and the evening venue. 
Bromsgrove South - Worcester Road, Upton Warren, Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, B61 7ET. 
Telephone – 0870 990 6408 
Bromsgrove Central - Birmingham Road, Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, B61 0BA. 

Telephone – 08701 977 044 
Prices for these hotels are the same. 
Double or Twin room 1 night  £51. 
Upton Warren hotel is near to Stoke Prior Club and the other hotel is almost behind the Spadesbourne Conference 
Droitwich Hotel A38 Rashwood Hill Droitwich WR9 0BJ 
Telephone – 0871 984 6074 
Limited accommodation at this time - a family room (sleeps three adults) 1 night £29. 
This is close to the Express by holiday Inn, M5 Junction 5 and the Stoke Prior Club 
Camping is available both Friday and Saturday night at the Stoke Prior Country Club. Weston Hall Road, Stoke Prior, 
Bromsgrove, Worcestershire B60 4Al – West Midlands have used the Country Club as the Heart of England site for 
the past couple of years - it's a great venue. 
For those wanting to stay at any other hotels, please contact the Bromsgrove Tourist Information Centre the local 
Tourist Information Centre. 
Bromsgrove Museum 
26 Birmingham Road 
B61 0DD 
Opening Times: All year, Monday – Saturday 10am – 12.30pm & 1pm – 4.30pm 
Tel: +44(0)1527 831809 

AGC Agenda 
Fergus O’Connell 
National Vice-Chairman 
0870 774 3560 
Evening + AGC Venue 
Eddie Lowe Tel: 0870 774 3543/07970 303528  
Bromsgrove Tourist Information Centre the local Tourist Information Centre 
Bromsgrove Museum 
26 Birmingham Road 
B61 0DD 
Opening Times: 
All year, Monday – Saturday 10am – 12.30pm & 1pm – 4.30pm 
Tel: +44 (0) 1527 831809 
Bromsgrove District Council 
Bromsgrove District Council 
The Council House 
Burcot Lane 
B60 1AA 
Telephone: 01527 873232 
Fax: 01527 881414 
Textphone 01527 881291  


Manifesto for the position of Chairman of the Motorcycle Action Group 
Jane Chisholm 
Membership Number: 106527 
Hi, I’m Jane Chisholm, BA (hons), currently Chair of MAG UK. I work in education as a teacher of English, in a secure 
unit for children with behaviour problems. I live in Jackson Bridge, West Yorkshire. 
Throughout my life the constant theme has been bikes and I currently ride a Harley 883 Custom Sportster, XL53 C. 
My biking travels have taken me through most of the touring roads in the UK and Europe and it is this love and 
pleasure and the wish to continue to enjoy it for many a year that drives me to promote and defend riders rights in our 
own country through MAG UK. 
My style is definitely a hands on approach. I was Yorkshire Regional Rep for three years and through the local group 
expansion plan extended the region to 10 groups and over 1300 members. 
Between 2004 and 2006 I coordinated efforts in putting on the Yorkshire Pudding Rally which then made 
approximately £25,000 for MAG. In 2007 due to time restrictions as Chair, I handed over the co-ordination to Pete 
Walker, who I continue to support and work along side. 
Between 2004 and 2005 as Vice Chair of MAG UK I worked on re-establishing training weekends to equip our 
activists with the knowledge and skills to help them engage effectively. These training weekends now run annually. 
Uniting the efforts of individual members is the key of our organisation and I believe that it is imperative to have a 
hands on approach to keep in touch with the grass roots membership in the UK. We have a wealth of talented 
volunteers and employees who give their hard work and dedication.  
We need their support in order to rally our members but to do that it is imperative that the leadership of MAG UK is 
ever present and receptive to the advice and expertise of these people. As a dedicated member, I recognise that MAG 
UK is a democratic organisation, therefore it is imperative that all actions must follow procedures as laid out in the 
constitution and the Chair must be accountable to the members at all times. 
The nature of my work in education means I have developed and use skills in: planning; forward thinking; organising; 
problem solving; communication and team building. In my role as Vice Chair, and Chair I believe that I have brought 
these skills to benefit MAG UK.I have worked for several years at local, regional and national level and feel I have 
valid experience and perspective of the organisation as a whole. 
Although much of my time is spent having an overview and trying to help the smooth running of the organisation, I still 
work side by side MAG members at rallies and events, as time permits. Last year I was able to support Into the Valley, 
The Farmyard Party, The Yorkshire Pudding Rally. Spat Out of Hull, Stormin the Castle, other Regions AGM’s and 
fund raising events.  
In April 2007, as Chair of MAG UK, I started work with Directors of MAG UK the NC and Staff at Central. With a 
stronger financial position than in previous years we employed David Short as Campaigns Manager to work along side 
Trevor Baird as General Secretary. We developed success in the political arena and were invited to share our 
expertise with decision making government bodies. With a fresh pair of eyes on board, we did a SWOT analysis, 
which identified out strengths and weaknesses. We have started a process to try and increase our membership, by 
trying to project a broader image and appeal to a wider biking community. Part of this process has been to project this 
image within the biking and general press to ensure that these changes reach the entire motorcycle community. Work 
is in progress in all these areas and you will have full reports at conference.  
I want to make sure that motorcycling has a future for the next generations and believe that MAG is best placed to 
ensure this happens. 
I believe I have demonstrated this by giving time, commitment and dedication. The role of Chairman is demanding and 
requires constant attention and dialogue.  
Furthermore I believe that the chair cannot work in isolation, but as part of a team. There is still much work to do in the 
year ahead. 
For these reasons I will be standing for the position of Chair of MAG UK at the April AGC 2008 and I ask you for your 
continued support. 
Proposed by Stu Chivers 
Membership number: 112155 
Seconded by Paul Turner 
Membership number: 116205 


Manifesto for the position of National Finance Officer 
Justine Travis 
Membership Number: 97513 
As mentioned last year I hate preparing a manifesto for AGC, so as promised here is a near repeat, it got me in last 
year so hopefully will do the same this year. 
I have been National Finance Officer and a Director of MAG UK since 2004, during my time I have seen MAG grow in 
the expertise and commitment from its volunteers shown by the great results from the fighting fund donations.  
This is yet another year where I am going to reiterate that one of the key initiatives has to be to increase membership. 
We need to look ahead and make MAG such a strong image bikers can't avoid it and feel they have to join, the 
increased coverage about MAG in the press after Davids appointment and the rebranding exercise with more 
distinctive advertising and website improvements is a great platform to build on. 
For anyone new into MAG or who has never attended the AGC before it is always hard to vote in complete strangers 
so a bit of personal info may help. I passed my test in 1994 and am the resident National Committee 'scooter girl' as I 
ride a Honda Silverwing 600cc scooter. I also have a Suzuki TU250 chosen when I heard it regularly featured on polls 
of ugly bikes, my better half has just given it a facelift (you couldn't make it look worse anyway) so its more trailie for 
rallies, and a new addition is a 1981 Suzuki TS 250 so I can join the VJMCC on rideouts. My day job is managing 
budgets as an IT Project Manager which has helped me in the Finance role, but what has been of far more use is 
being married to a Yorkshire man, 'NO you can't spend that' has long been a familiar phrase and has come in very 
You will see from my report to AGC in April that we are still great value for money and I would never like to see us 
grow complacent and not have to get the biggest bang for our buck and I see ensuring that as part of my role. 
I now ride my bike less but know more people than ever and I hope I have made some life long friendships, but above 
all I can feel I am doing something worthwhile to help protect the lifestyle we have all chosen. 
Proposed by Gerard Livett 
Membership Number: 92282 
Seconded by Tony Cox 
Membership Number: 114555 
Manifesto for the position of National Clubs Liaison Officer 
Fergus O'Connell 
Membership Number: 25618 
The last year has been a very good one for MAG and especially on the club front. Numbers are up and we have had 
some notable success in the clubs that have affiliated to us. Some have returned to us after something of a gap. 
We have (as predicted) seen an uplift in numbers during the last year. This has not been fully represented in the 
current figures as several clubs that have decided to affiliate can only do so after their own AGM's, which do not occur 
until the New Year (please bear in mind that this manifesto has to be submitted before 31/12/07).  
I have visited as many clubs as I can during 2007. I am pleased to report that I have a 100% record during these 
I seem to mention every year about the impact on full membership from affiliates taking out full membership. I actually 
had the happy situation whereby a club did not renew their affiliation because every member is a full member. This is 
just a small example of how important the club affiliation scheme is. 
I predict that 2008 will see MAG having more affiliated clubs than it has ever had before. Thats a chap going out on a 
limb if ever there was one.  
I am happy to continue as clubs officer if the membership is willing to vote me in again. 
Thankyou and goodnight. 
Proposed by Ian Mutch 
Membership Number: 00003 
Seconded by Arch Hipkins 
Membership Number: 90809 Life

Manifesto for the position of National Network Liaison Officer 2007 
Archi Hipkins 
Membership Number: 90809 Life 
I have been involved in communication at inter and intra organisational levels for a number of years, both 
professionally and within MAG UK. During the past year, I have used this experience in my role as National Network 
Communications Officer. 
Network remains one of MAG UK's most effective tools of communication. I intend that this should continue and where 
possible continue to evolve. This includes entering into debate any opinion that is constructive to that debate to enable 
informed choice regardless of political affiliation past or present.  
It is anticipated that further change to content style and presentation will occur in the coming year with the 
development of campaigning strategy and presentation within MAG. 
Network has been evolving over the last year for the good use and benefit of MAG UK and by continuing in this role; 
which I believe requires thoughtful presentation of facts, I will endeavour to increase its take up in the interests of all 
MAG UK members and of other organisations that have the same or similar philosophy. 
Therefore, I will continue to work alongside the NC and authors of submitted articles to present a balanced and honest 
briefing document. 
Proposed by Fergus O’Connell 
Membership Number: 25618 
Seconded by 
Steve Wykes 
Membership Number: 89454
Manifesto for the position of Directorship of MAG (UK) Ltd
Gerard Livett 
Membership Number: 92282 
I am seeking re-election to the position of Director of MAG (UK) Ltd, which I have held since 2004. 
In the past four years we have seen MAG go from strength to strength, both politically and financially, and this has 
been a team effort by the membership, the Board, the National Committee and our members of staff. 
At present we have two of the best teams in both the board and the National Committee since I became a member 
shortly after passing my motorcycle test in 1996. 
At this time of growth in the fortunes of MAG, I would like to continue to play my part in this, and would continue to 
bring my knowledge and experience to the board. 
Proposed by Arch Hipkins 
Membership Number: 90809 Life
Seconded by Fergus O’Connell 
Membership Number: 25618


Proposal 1 
Motion Hit and Run Reward Scheme 
In the light of the perceived reluctance by some Police forces to adequately investigate hit and run incidents 
concerning bikers. This motion calls upon the NC to implement a reward scheme payable for information which results 
in the successful prosecution of drivers involved in hit and run incidents that result in injury or damage to MAG 
members bikes or trikes. 
This reward shall be limited to the sum of £1000 in respect of any individual incident and shall be divided equally 
among witnesses whose evidence results in prosecution. 
Proposed by: Steve Wykes 
Membership Number: 89454 
Seconded by: Danny Melville 
Membership Number: 117401 
Proposal 2 
This conference resolves that: 'The words "National Research Officer" and preceding comma be deleted from section 
7iiiB of the Constitution.' 
The amended section would then read: 'The National Chairman, National Finance Officer, National Clubs Liaison 
Officer and National Network Communications Officer elected by the group conference.' 
Proposed by: Gerard Livett 
Membership Number: 92282 
Seconded by: Steve Wykes 
Membership Number: 89454 
Proposal 3 
Regional AGM's 
To allow the Regional Representative or committee to communicate the Annual AGM to all members in any way they 
think fit and is suitable or appropriate. 
Proposed by: Paul Turner 
Membership Number: 116205 
Seconded by: Archi Hipkins 
Membership Number: 90809 (Life Membership) 
Proposal 4 
That MAG should actively support actions and initiatives that are instigated by others where these actions reflect our 
core values and benefit motorcyclists as a whole. For Example the KillSpills and Ride for Rights campaigns. 
I believe that this has two clear benefits  
1. That by supporting these campaigns they have a greater chance of success.  
2. By aligning ourselves with other riders political campaigns we broaden our own base and could benefit with 
increased awareness by the general biking population and in so doing create an opportunity to increase membership 
of MAG. 
Proposed by: Allan Blackwell  
Membership Number: 122957 
Seconded by: Steven Roberts 
Membership Number: 122893 


Proposal 5 
Last year we passed a motion to invade Normandy. I wish to bring this back to the conference. It was in jest last year, 
but the sentiment of this motion hit the target with AGC delegates and MAG members at group level.  
So I ask the conference and the National Committee to support and organise the invasion of Normandy. As a national 
protest ride through Brittan, to Brussels (yes I know it’s not in Normandy) and then to the European parliament. With 
good organisation and enough support this could be made into a major media opportunity for MAG. 
Proposed by: Allan Blackwell  
Membership Number: 122957 
Seconded by: Steven Roberts 
Membership Number: 122893 
The Freedom Award 
To be awarded to the MAG Member who in the opinion of the National Committee has made an outstanding, 
sustained, significant and positive contribution to the work of the Group over a period of years. 
The Freedom Award Cup is given, to be held by the recipient until the next AGC. A small plaque or shield is also 
presented for the recipient to keep thereafter along with a merit badge. 
The Richard Tegg Award 
To be awarded to the MAG Member who in the opinion of the National Committee has made a sustained, significant 
and positive contribution to the work of the Group over a period of years at a local level. National Committee members 
are not eligible for this award in relation to their national work or NC activity, but may be nominated in respect of 
specified local non-NC activity as an ordinary member. 
A shield is given, to be held by the recipient until the next AGC. A small plaque or shield is also presented for the 
recipient to keep thereafter along with a merit badge. 
The Steve Tannock Teamwork Award 
To be awarded to the local group, region or other team of MAG members who, in the opinion of the National 
Committee, have made a significant joint contribution to the work of the Group. 
An appropriately engraved shield is given to be held by the winning team’s region until the next AGC. Where the team 
is multi-regional the shield is held in the trophy display at MAG Central. Each team member receives a certificate of 
Honorary Life Membership 
To be awarded in respect for significant work over a sustained period on behalf of the group. Except in exceptional 
circumstances nominees for Honorary Life membership should have been fully paid up ordinary members of MAG for 
an unbroken period of at least ten years prior to nomination for this award. No more than three Honorary Life 
Memberships may be awarded annually. 
A small plaque or shield is given for the recipient to keep along with a merit badge. 
Simon Milward Award (The Lifetime Achievement Award) 
To be awarded to a person who, in the opinion of the National Committee has, over their lifetime, made a significant 
contribution to motorcycling. (The nominee may be a non-member of MAG at the time the award is granted.) 
A plaque and merit badge is given. 
The Chairman's Award 
To be awarded by the National Chairman to a group or individual that has made a significant and otherwise 
unrecognised contribution to the work of the Group. 
A bowl is given to the recipient until the next AGC. A small plaque is also presented for the recipient to keep thereafter 
along with a merit badge to individual winners. 
Certificate of Merit. 
To be awarded to the MAG Member who in the opinion of the National Committee has made an outstanding, 
significant and positive contribution to the work of the Group. 
Certificate and merit badge is given.