of the 

Motorcycle Action Group 

Annual Group Conference 

April 12, 2014 


MAG (UK) Ltd Annual General Meeting 
1.  Opening: John Mitchell 
John dealt with housekeeping issues and welcomed all to AGC. 
He noted that item 11 of the M.A.G. (UK) AGM had been moved to item 7a of the TMAGL AGM. 
2. One Minute Silence 
A minute’s silence was observed in memory of those lost over the past year. 
3. Report of the Directors on staff changes and corporate status of MAG (UK) 
The report had been distributed.  In addition the following personnel spoke: 
a)  Jolyon Lawson, former Vice Chair 
Jolyon stated that he been asked by Paul Turner to take on the role of Vice Chair, 
and that the role of the Board is the financial running of the business.  There 
was also a request that Den Powell take on the role of HR. 
He went on to describe how a time and motion study in the office had not gone well 
and included refusals to provide requested information. During this time, Den 
successfully stood for Chair, and Nich Brown attended Board meetings for relevant 
items but then refused to leave after these items had been covered. 
He also mentioned the GetaGrip! campaign, noting that (according to unofficial 
minutes taken by Bev Cort) at the 2011 AGC, Paul Turner had reported that this 
company would provide funding of £28,000 – this was untrue. 
He then turned to the matter of Neil Liversidge being co-opted to the Board, 
noting that this should have been a simple matter, but that there had been threats 
of resignation by some other Board members.  He also touched on the matter of Jono 
Broad’s position on the Board (taken up at 2012 AGC) noting that lies had been 
told and that Jono had, at that point, only been a member of MAG for four months.  
He said that both Neil, and Pete Walker, had “walked into a set-up trap” at that 
Dave Dunlop (Reading) commented that the report gave a convincing picture but that 
it is a personal view.  He asked whether it is possible to access the Board 
minutes and Jolyon confirmed that he could request this via his regional rep. 
Keith Cross (Reading) questioned why these statements were being read and John 
Mitchell explained that they constitute part of the Board report, which is an AGM 
b)  Tony Cox, Director MAG (UK) 
Tony commented briefly regarding the matter of “staff calling the shots” and 
stated that MAG was, at that time, being run by the staff and the Chair. 
Den Powell asked who the Chair was at that time.  Tony confirmed that it was Paul 
Turner.  Den then stated that she wished to clarify that the staff had approached 
her in her position as HR Director.  She also said that Paul Turner had co-opted 
Neil Liversidge to the Board and that staff had subsequently contacted her to say 
that the members should decide on this appointment at AGC, or Nich Brown would 
resign. Den also made reference to an email that Neil had sent which she suggested 
was 6 pages of demands. 
Neil noted that when he was advised that he had been co-opted, he had sent an 
email requesting a meeting, and included a note of items he wished clarified (e.g. 

membership numbers, current campaigns, etc). Neil said he could find this email 
and it was a page or so long with perfectly reasonable questions that anyone 
become a Director of a company may be expected to ask. 
c)  Paul Turner, former Director and Chair MAG (UK) 
Paul Merrett (Wycombe MAG) spoke about decisions regarding office procedure (job 
descriptions, leave, appraisals, expenses, etc), and stated that it was agreed 
that these matters would be dealt with by Den Powell. 
He said that it had proved difficult to obtain facts regarding the GetaGrip! 
company, and that he had been assured by both Nich Brown and Paddy Tyson that 
their work with Overland magazine would not impact on staff time. 
He went on to state that when Neil Liversidge was co-opted to the Board, Nich had 
called him to say that he could not work with him.  Paul then noted that he had 
subsequently received a number of telephone calls (some of which were aggressive 
and abusive), mainly from Jenny Cook and Andy Pyatt.  He further reported that 
Paddy Tyson had made serious allegations about The Road, suggesting that some of 
the photography in the magazine was salacious and inappropriate. 
Finally, Paul noted that it was discovered that the company chosen to provide a 
new database was not, as suggested, a local firm but based in India; and that 
information had not been shared, no protocols followed and no log kept of progress 
on the project. 
Pete Seymore (Reading) questioned why the Directors did not go down the route of 
disciplinary action. 
Neil Liversidge explained that a list of concerns had been circulated to the Board 
and that, following discussion, it was agreed to try to resolve the issues in a 
friendly manner, via Den Powell and Selina Lavender.  It was put to Nich Brown 
that the staff work for whomsoever the Board is, and that the situation never got 
as far as disciplinary action because this was forestalled by the staff taking the 
action of constructive dismissal. 
Philip Wallington (East Midlands) questioned why the report put together by Kudos 
had been ignored.  Neil Liversidge stated that it was because Kudos had 
subsequently admitted that they had been given a brief with a pre-determined 
conclusion so the report was not ratified.  Neil further noted that this was a 
matter of record and available to see if required. 
Den Powell noted that Steve Peake had been standing in for her at Board meetings 
and asked whether the Board had received the report of a meeting between Steve and 
Nich Brown.  It was confirmed that the report had not been received. 
She then asked why questions to Nich Brown had been given to him in advance.  Paul 
Turner explained that the questions given in advance of a meeting had been in 
relation to items such as T.O.I.L. 
Dosser (Derby) asked whether the matter has been resolved by an independent 
employment tribunal.  Neil Liversidge stated that it is currently under appeal due 
to the outcome of the tribunal, which includes inaccuracies.  He also noted that 
the original objective of meeting with the staff was simply to clarify the staff 
Paula (Reading) stated that MAG should move on and not continue with the appeal 
process.  Neil Liversidge stated that the Directors have a duty of care to the 
organisation.  He also noted that offers were extended to Juliet McVe, Roger Ford 
and Gareth Lewis to take up positions on the Board, but that these were declined. 
Dave Cook (Mid Lincs) observed that the biggest damage done is to MAG’s reputation 
and that the matter has been mismanaged. 
John Mitchell responded that due process had to be followed and Neil Liversidge 
commented that Nich Brown had bypassed the Board; he also noted that the staff in 

question had chosen to “fight in public”, and that what matters now is what 
happens next. 
Dosser (Derby) said that as the matter has now gone to appeal, further discussion 
was pointless. 
d)  Selina Lavender, Director MAG (UK) 
Selina noted that repeated requests to the staff for information were ignored and 
that, in attempting to carry out the role she had taken on, had put her own job in 
Pete Seymore (Reading) asked why no formal warnings of disciplinary proceedings 
were given when it was clear that the behaviour of the staff was inappropriate.  
Selina said that various attempts had been made to resolve the matter without 
resorting to disciplinary proceedings, but that it had reached a point where the 
Board were out of their depth; it was at this point that Neil Liversidge and Pete 
Walker were approached to take on the matter. 
In response to a question from Jol (East Yorks), it was noted that it became clear 
that the Board was being manipulated by the staff and that “the tail was wagging 
the dog”. 
Andy Carrott observed that part of the problem with a volunteer organisation is 
that “you end up trying to run a business with people who are also friends”. 
e)  Pete Walker, Director MAG (UK) 
Pete opened his remarks with reference to the fact that he is described as 
“truculent” in the tribunal outcome, and said that he admits to this and 
apologised for the fact that anger over how the employees had treated the 
organisation had got in the way. 
He went on to revisit the point regarding disciplinary action and the fact that 
the employees had “pulled the rug out” from under the organisation by handing in 
their notices before action could be taken.  This action would have been an open, 
frank discussion on the way forward. 
He further noted that Neil Liversidge had made an offer to Nich Brown of an 
informal resolution to the matter, which had been declined, then requested, and 
then declined again when the offer was made again.  He said that there had also 
been an addition to the payroll without consultation to the Board. 
He then said that today, in Lembit, Leon, Julie and Carol, MAG has a good team who 
achieve more than ever. 
John Baker (Deputy rep, Southern) said he was convinced that something had to be 
done and that the tribunal was a necessary process, but that the process has 
damaged MAG.  He asked what the benefit is of an appeal and where the members 
Neil stated that if MAG wins the appeal, it will be good for employment law 
generally and that all members have a democratic voice via their Branch and 
Regional representatives to the National Committee and Board of Directors. 
Lucy Millard (Reading) asked what the plan is now going forward.  Neil stated that 
MAG now has a committed and loyal staff who understand their roles and will be 
getting on with what they are supposed to be doing without “any politicking”. 
f)  Pat van Aalst, Finance Director (MAG UK) 
Not present. 
g)  Pete Davison, Director MAG (UK) 

Pete started by explaining that he had originally taken a post as Director so that 
one of MAG’s major funding streams (Stormin’ the Castle) had representation. 
He said that, in his opinion, Nich Brown had been insufficiently prepared at Board 
meetings; that the office was being badly run; that information was being 
withheld; and that he considered Nich Brown’s behaviour towards the Board to be 
He then noted that prior to the tribunal process commencing, he had accessed 
advice on “best practice”, which was subsequently drawn upon. 
Lisa Middleton-Hill said she did not understand why the membership did not make 
the decision to go to appeal.  Neil Liversidge explained why the appeal is 
relevant, noting that the concepts of honour, freedom and principal were at stake; 
and that the original judgement is flawed with errors. 
Paul (Wickham) questioned the funding for the appeal and Neil stated that MAG has 
a private offer of funding outwith the organisation. 
Sean Harris (Reading) said that a great deal of time had been given over to 
discussing the past and that it was time to talk about the future, including the 
impact on the remedy hearing if MAG loses the appeal. 
Neil then explained the organisation of M.A.G. (UK) and The Motorcycle Action 
Group Ltd, stating that if there are no funds, there is no cover for legal 
Sean Harris stated that the funds would not be protected.  Neil explained that 
TMAGL’s funds are protected via an outsourcing agreement, and this is legal and 
Sean Harris then asked that it be recorded that he had not said that the action 
taken wasn’t legal. 
Roger Ford asked what was the point of appealing if no funds are available; Neil 
stated that it is a point of principal. 
Gerard Livett said that the membership should vote on whether to continue with the 
appeal; John Mitchell said that any proposal could be covered under Any Other 
h)  Neil Liversidge, Director MAG (UK) 
Neil observed that many may be happy to oversee the “organised decline” of an 
organisation, but that MAG isn’t. 
Derek (Glasgow) asked why MAG had not had paid for legal representation and it was 
noted that would have been extremely costly.  Neil stated that he was prepared to 
take the task on and noted that he has won five out of seven cases that he has 
taken to court against barristers. 
4. Questions to the Board of MAG (UK) 
Incorporated into item 3. See above. 
5.  Finance report/questions: Selina Lavender 
This item was taken by Selina as Pat van Aalst was unable to attend.  She read out Pat’s 
summary statement and then took questions. 
In response to questions about the database project, it was noted that a decision was 
made not to “throw good money after bad” following serious problems with the company 
originally selected.  It was explained that the decision to use the company in question 
had been taken prior to the Board now sitting being in place; that a request for return 

of funds already paid out was unsuccessful and that the matter had to be put down to 
Neil Liversidge noted that the process of “due diligence” appeared not have been 
followed, but that this only came to light subsequently when it became possible to 
access the relevant information. 
Mike Haines (Reading) wanted to know how the membership could have confidence that the 
current team will perform any better. 
It was noted that the team now in place is different to the one taking the original 
6.  Appointment of Auditors 
To retain Bishop Simmons as auditors. 
Proposed: Selina Lavender; Seconded: Steve Wykes.  Carried. 
Resignation and election of Directors 
It was reported that the Directorial terms of Steve Wykes and Tony Cox had expired and 
that they have been returned to office unopposed. 
8.  Board motions 
(i)  This AGM accepts the Board Report. 
Proposed: Selina Lavender; Seconded: Neil Liversidge.  Carried. 
(ii)  This AGM endorses the outsourcing agreement entered into with TMAGL. 
Neil Liversidge gave a brief explanation of the outsourcing process.  Gerard 
Livett said that this information should have been made available in advance of 
the vote.  Neil pointed out that it had a short time frame and referred Gerard 
to paragraph 3 of the Board Report. 
Proposed: Selina Lavender; Seconded: Neil Liversidge.  Carried. 
(iii)  This AGM endorses the sale of assets by M.A.G. (UK) to TMAGL. 
In response to a question from Michael (Wickham), Neil read out an inventory of 
assets, valued at approximately £2,000 (two thousand pounds). 
Proposed: Pete Davison; Seconded: Steve Wykes.  Carried. 
(iv)  This AGM accepts the Finance report. 
Proposed: George Legg; Seconded: Keith Cross.  Carried. 
9.  Summing up: John Mitchell 
In summing up, John said that it had proved to be an “interesting” AGM so far, and 
handed the Chair over to Selina Lavender. 
10. National Officer Reports 
a)  John Mitchell, National Chairman 

John opened his remarks by noting that he had enjoyed a lot of good times during 
the past year, including writing articles for a number of magazines.  He said he 
has learned that MAG isn’t about any individual, it’s about “you lot”. 
He went on to say that he is proud of the National Committee and Board of 
Directors, and that MAG is in a better place than ever before, which is due, in 
part, to the team of Leon and Lembit.  He said that people are listening to MAG, 
and that 30 MPs are now MAG members. 
John then touched on the Jade Clark case and thanked members for getting involved 
in signing the petition that contributed to the final outcome. 
In closing he noted that MAG is “on the up”; also that he and Lembit have been 
meeting with MEPs prior to the Euro elections and not one of them has a 
motorcycling policy. 
Sean Harris noted from the Floor that, in respect to the Jade Clark case, if Brian 
Hampton hadn’t driven off after colliding with her there was a significant chance 
that she would have survived. 
Mog Morrison said she had had the honour of being one of four representatives of 
MAG at Jade’s funeral, but wondered why Hampton had been tried for careless 
driving rather than dangerous driving. 
John noted that the issue of careless/dangerous driving is now part of the 
consultation process for the Review that is taking place. 
b)  Anne Gale, National Network Communications 
Anne explained that she had been co-opted to this position, which she inherited 
from Trevor Baird.  She requested that regional reps provide her with information 
that could potentially be published in Network. 
She clarified that information can be sent directly to her in response to a 
question from Alec Groom (Bristol) and that a list of contacts will be produced in 
a future issue of Network in response to a question from Doug Smith. 
11. Review of 2012/13 campaign activity 
Item moved to 7a of the TMAGL meeting. 
12. FEMA report: Neil Liversidge 
Neil began his report with a brief history of how FEMA formed, touching on Simon 
Millward’s not inconsiderable input to this process.  The organisation started out as 
the Federation of European Motorcyclists (FEM); the BMF later set up the European 
Motorcyclists Association and these organisations were then merged to become FEMA. 
A number of member organisations have since folded and FEMA is not as strong as it once 
was.  There were changes to the constitution and the organisation began taking on EU 
projects as a revenue stream, but so much time had to be given over to completing these 
projects that it had become a problem. 
The political work is now being brought to the fore again and should increase; there is 
the possibility that Leon and Lembit could be seconded to assist with this process.  
Summing up, Neil stated that going forward, FEMA will be a leaner organisation but that 
campaigning will come first. 
In response to a question from Neil Stephenson regarding subscriptions to FEMA, Neil 
Liversidge noted that a line had been drawn under the debts that had accrued by a number 
of member organisations but that, in future, all will “have to pay to play”.  He also 
confirmed that there are no plans to wind up FEMA. 

13. The MAG Foundation: Paul Turner 
Paul reported that the Foundation is “alive, if not quite kicking”.  It has money in the 
bank and is a separate body to both M.A.G. (UK) and TMAGL. 
Jol Lawson noted that a similar report is given each year, along with an appeal for 
Trustees, and wondered at what point the Foundation should be wound up. 
Paul said that before considering a wind-up, a careful look at the way forward is 
needed, and that Lembit is bringing some recommendations to the June National Committee 
14. Any other business 
Motion proposing that the National Committee are under obligation to take action against 
Neil Liversidge and Pete Walker following the outcome of the employment tribunal; i.e. 
that they should be suspended from office pending an independent investigation into the 
[full script of the motion can be inserted here if required] 
Proposed: Sean Harris; Seconded: Keith Cross 
Selina Lavender reported that the National Committee had voted against supporting the 
motion, and that if members support it the entire Board of Directors must be included. 
Following comments quoting the constitution, Andy Carrott observed that the members 
democratically elected representatives have taken appropriate constitutional action and 
that a vote against the named individuals would be a vote against the entire National 
Committee and Board of Directors. 
Mog Morrison (New Forest) noted that commenting on the process via social media is not 
appropriate and that those in positions of responsibility should behave responsibly and 
“tone down” the reactions to this matter. 
Selina Lavender agreed with these comments, noting that procedures need to be defined 
and a level of decorum adhered to. 
Dave Fear (Studley) asked whether MAG had been advised by lawyers to go to tribunal, and 
was told that lawyers had advised MAG that the organisation was within its rights to 
sack the employees. 
Selina Lavender re-read the motion to Conference, and a vote was taken with Tellers used 
to count the vote. 
For: 46    Against: 118.    Motion falls. 
Selina then moved a vote of thanks to Neil Liversidge and Pete Walker.  This was 
seconded by Sean Harris. 
Gerard Livett said that he felt that members should vote regarding whether the Board 
should proceed with the appeal process. 
The Board of Directors to go ahead with the appeal process in respect to the ongoing 
employment tribunal. 
Proposed: Gerard Livett; Seconded: Paul Dore. 
Max Jowett said that this motion “rubbishes the previous one”, but Selina Lavender noted 
that the feeling in the room appeared to be that the NC should take members feelings 
into consideration in respect of this matter. 
Comments from the Floor included: the decision should be made by a member of the legal 
profession; Neil and Pete should be supported in the appeal process after all that they 

have already done; and in response to a question about how the private sponsor feels 
about the situation, Selina confirmed that they are in support of the appeal. 
Alan DeVetti said he had read the findings of the case and that there had been many 
opportunities for matters to be put right.  He further noted that he feels that Neil and 
Pete have exceeded their remit and the decision finding against MAG should be an end to 
the matter. 
At this point a vote was taken with Tellers used to count the vote. 
For: 112    Against: 86.   Motion stands. 
Close of M.A.G. (UK) AGM 
Immediately prior to the formal opening of the TMAGL AGM, Lembit Öpik introduced Guy 
Stanway who gave a brief presentation regarding the forthcoming single (It Means So 
Much) that is being released with a view to raising revenue for MAG.  He took several 
questions from the Floor, before playing the single. 
1.  Opening of TMAGL AGM: John Mitchell 
John called the meeting to order. 
To accept Selina Lavender as Chair for the meeting. 
Proposed: John Mitchell; Seconded: Paul Turner.  Carried. 
2.  Board report 
3. Questions to the Board 
4. Finance Report 
John Mitchell noted that there is £7,500 in the bank and that all liabilities have been 
5.  Appointment of Auditors 
That Bishop Simmons be appointed as Auditors to TMAGL 
Proposed: John Mitchell, Seconded: Paul Turner.  Carried.   
6.  Board motions 
1.  This AGM accepts the Board Report 
Prior to the vote, Philip Bollington (Eastern) asked why it was necessary for the 
registered office for MMSL (MAG Management Services Ltd.) to be that of Neil 
Liversidge’s offices.  Neil explained that when a company is started up, it is necessary 
to have a bank account so he acted as a formation agent and paid the fees out of his own 
funds.  The registered address was subsequently amended to be the same as The Motorcycle 
Action Group Ltd. 

2.  This AGM endorses the outsourcing agreement entered into with M.A.G. (UK) Ltd 
3.  This AGM endorses the purchase of assets by The Motorcycle Action Group Ltd from 
M.A.G. (UK) Ltd 
4.  This AGM accepts the Finance Report 
5.  This AGM ratifies the Articles of Association of The Motorcycle Action Group Ltd 
Andy Carrott requested a friendly amendment to clause 5h as follows: 
Change “All proposals shall be published in the February/March newsletter of the 
” to “All members shall be notified of the deadline for General Conference 
nominations and proposals in the October/November newsletter of the Company and 
nominations and proposals shall be published in the February/March newsletter of the 
It was noted that this actually refers to the Constitution rather than the Articles. 
Carried (with one vote against). 
6.  This AGM ratifies the Constitution of The Motorcycle Action Group Ltd 
Following a question from Gerard Livett regarding the distinction between incorporated 
and unincorporated organisations. Neil explained that it is a completely new entity, 
i.e. a company limited by guarantee.  The original Constitution was used as a template 
and appropriate amendments made to it.  John Mitchell noted that the new constitution 
brings the company in line with the Companies Act 2006. 
Ian Cook asked whether this would change or alter significantly the members’ liability.  
John Mitchell confirmed that liability for each member will remain exactly the same, 
i.e. £1.00 (one pound). 
Gareth Lewis (Thames Valley) requested a friendly amendment to change the minimum number 
of Directors to five; this was accepted. 
Mark Young (Winchester) noted that there is no mention of Life members, and this was 
accepted as a friendly amendment. 
Gareth Lewis requested that the following should be added to Section 9 - Expenses and 
e) MAG Members that are directors or employees of companies formed for the promotion of 
events that can reasonably be described as ‘MAG events‘(that is events that use MAG’s 
name or logo in their promotion and/or solicit assistance from Members as volunteer 
helpers for the running of the same) shall be subject to the same requirements and 
sanctions as those acting as individuals or through non-incorporated associations, local 
groups or regions. The National finance officer shall sign a confidentiality agreement 
with these companies. It shall be understood that the intention is to protect MAG 
Members from having their funds misused or misappropriated and thus protect the good 
name and reputation of MAG and its Members generally. Any Member guilty of financial 
impropriety or who unreasonably refuses to co-operate with any legitimate inquiry into 
financial matters for which he or she is responsible shall be liable to expulsion from 
Membership by the National Committee. 

This was accepted as a friendly amendment. 
The motion, including amendments, to be accepted. 
7.  Membership subscriptions for the Motorcycle Action Group Ltd shall be levied at the 
following rates: 
Individual Annual Membership – paid by Direct Debit £25.00 per annum, other payment 
means £27.00 per annum; 
Joint Annual Membership – paid by Direct Debit £37.50 per annum, other payment means 
£40.50 per annum; 
Life Membership, Individual £405.00 life, Joint 594.00 life. 

Clarifications were requested regarding Standing Orders, which type of membership Direct 
Debit applies to (annual only), whether the under 25’s membership would still carry a 
discount (yes) and whether Junior memberships are still available (yes). 
A question was asked regarding whether notice is given prior to DD payment being taken;  
Selina Lavender clarified that in law, written notification is sent out when the DD is 
set up; only changes to the amount need to be notified subsequently. 
Derek (Glasgow) asked whether discounts could be applied to the disabled and unemployed.  
John Mitchell said this could be looked into. 
Mog Morrison (New Forest) asked whether provisional membership could be considered. 
The motion to be accepted. 
8.  This AGM extends the offer to NABD of free affiliation to The Motorcycle Action Group 
9.  This AGM extends the offer to National Youthbike of free affiliation to The 
Motorcycle Action Group Ltd 
10. This AGM recommends affiliation to Liberty 
It was noted that M.A.G. (UK) was affiliated to Liberty so should TMAGL also be 
affiliated?  Neil Liversidge spoke in favour of this, with a brief history of why the 
organisation affiliated in the first place, and noted that this is affordable. 
Julie Stephenson asked how much affiliation to Liberty would cost.  Selina Lavender 
confirmed that the cost would be approximately £250.00 but that it is only a 
recommendation at this stage. 
Carried (with 7 votes against). 
7a. Review of 2012/13 campaign activity: Leon Mannings and Lembit Öpik 
Leon and Lembit gave a presentation, beginning by noting that MAG had been described to 
Lembit by a member as being “the most dysfunctional family” they knew. 

Lembit noted that 30 MP’s have now signed up to MAG, observing that his argument in 
favour of them doing so is that the number of motorcyclists in their constituencies 
outweigh their majorities. 
He then went on to note that he and Leon have met with members of all political parties; 
made the Department for Transport take MAG more seriously; turned the Brent bike ban 
into Bikes in Buslanes; and helped to avert a ban on off-road riding. 
Leon gave an update regarding the proposed Bedford “Dutch roundabout” scheme, reporting 
that this has now been stalled pending further investigation. 
Lembit reported that the new website will be going live very soon and will be much 
easier to navigate than the current one. 
He said that MAG needs to appeal to a new generation; we need to make MAG the key 
riders’ voice; we need to raise the profile of motorcycling. 
In closing he said he had three requests: “tell us how to serve you; give us your 
feedback; chart MAG’s song”. 
(From the Floor: Mike Baker said that Steve Baker (MP) sent his apologies for not 
attending, but “he has gone to Cornwall to see his dad!!”). 
7.  Elections 
Directors for MAGL:
i.  Graham Hoose 
Proposed Neil Liversidge; Seconded: Gerard Livett.   Carried. 
ii. Pete Davison 
iii.  Neil Liversidge 
iv.  John Mitchell 
Paul Turner 
Pat van Aalst 
National Chairman: John Mitchell 
Clubs Liaison: Oliver Rose (Paul Dore withdrew his nomination). 

National Network Communications Officer 
Selina Lavender noted that this position is a co-opted position and no vote therefore 
National Reps Liaison Officer 
No nominations received. 
8.  Any Other Business 
Richard Tegg Award 
Awarded to Kate Williams and presented by Pete Walker 
Simon Millward Award 
Awarded to Stu Garland and presented by Ian Mutch 
Steve Tannock Teamwork Award 
Awarded to Durham MAG and presented by John Mitchell 
Chairman’s Award 
Awarded to Anne Gale and presented by John Mitchell 
Honorary Life Membership 
Awarded to “Keithy-bear” (Keith Maven) and presented by Pete Walker 
Certificates of Merit 
Marcie (presented by Selina Lavender and accepted on Marcie’s behalf by Tracy Smith) 
John Baker (presented by Tim Peregrine) 
Deborah Rose (presented by George Legg and accepted on Deborah’s behalf by Bill Pugsley) 
Ann France (presented by John Mitchell and accepted on Ann’s behalf by her other half, 
Roxy Parkin (presented by Tracy Smith) 
Andy Whitworth (presented by Pete Davison) 
There were no presentations, but Selina Lavender thanked all for their hard work 
President’s address – Ian Mutch 
Ian opened his remarks by noting the power of a roomful of people and being able to 
listen to arguments for and against before voting on a matter, and this would not be 
possible if Proxy Voting was taken up. 
He then said that he was proud of the conduct of The Floor at the AGM and followed this 
up with a seafaring anecdote and likened MAG to a raft. 
In closing, he said that with confidence it is possible to get “much further than you 
might think” and thanked all for sticking with the organisation. 

Selina Lavender announced that the Next Generation raffle had been won by Steven Hunter 
from Dunfermline.  She then thanked the host region for organising the AGM. 
National Chairman’s Closing Remarks – John Mitchell 
John opened his remarks by stating that M.A.G. (UK) Ltd. will complete the appeal 
process with the ongoing tribunal, and TMAGL will get on with fighting riders’ rights.  
He said that we should “spread the word according to MAG” and he closed by noting that 
the A in MAG stands for Action, not Apathy, and that “our cause is freedom”. 
Conference closes. 
Minutes taken by Jane Carrott, 72474, Secretary Mid Lincs Branch.